Interpreting the Prototype Session Feedback

For our qualitative goals, we used a survey as already discussed to get a sense of the user experience. The goals are below again for reference, with analysis in groupings based on the two goals..

1 = strongly disagree 2 = strongly agree


  • Users find the app easy to use.
  • Users find the app easy to learn.
1 2 6

Qualitative Goal 1 Analysis: Large disagreement with these three questions, so it is a good overall question to gauge the summary of results for  our first qualitative goal. Goal met.3457

Qualitative Goal 2 Analysis: Again, strong positive results here for our second qualitative goal. The second result is interesting, as it is more spread out in terms of result when compared to the other questions. I expect this as the movement between screens is not perfect is design, but might appear clunky to go from one task to the next (as opposed to the individual tasks) Goal met.

Largely, this should be seen as a positive result, but caution should be aired. The sample set is quite small (8 people), so it would be interesting to do a larger number of interviews after the second version of the prototype.


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