Month: November 2016

User Research Survey Data is in!

Our survey results are in, with 115 professionals responding to our survey. We targeted our company Johnson Controls, and also sending it out on our LinkedIn accounts.

Age Ranges: Looking below at the age ranges, its nothing to be surprised by, given the fact that both of us are in this age range, so our network would be broken up by this. One hidden fact here may be that people in the 31-40 might be working, have kids and lead busy lives so have more of a need for coffee, and hence were more interested in taking the survey!2

Personality: No huge surprise here, but glad to see nearly all responses value a good cup of coffee, and its like the new wine! 4

Where they do the deal: Now this is interesting. Looks like as if the biggest portion of respondents have access to on site coffee docks, and dont bother to go out during work. If you tie this into the above result, its glad to see the consistency. If people go out, they want good coffee. I expect the quick and dirty/convenience store might be due to cost reasons


Characteristics of Sale: Now more interesting.. Cost is number one. Followed by choice and wifi. So no major shock, but if cost is the main driver, why dont they buy the cheapest stuff in convenience stores? And are they really snobs if quality is not #1?


You can also see by the below that people definitely want deals, which ties in with cost.


Search out: Creatures of habit so it seems on the No result. Explorers in the Yes. On the no, it may be that they dont have a tool for finding new coffee stores, or they plain dont want one. Might be interesting to ask that directly.


Where they find info on coffee shops: Word of mouth is a huge winner, which is good news for our idea. It seems like there is a large social aspect, and people like recommendations from other people


Coffee Recommendations: This indicates people want to get information on new coffee, and also give recommendations. The comparison is interesting between the two, with “getting” the bigger winner over “giving”. People want to be notified!


So the audience was amazing snobby coffee for a low price, and loads of deals and rewards. Fickle eh?

Finally, looking at the section we had on other comments/whats miss, I put together a word cloud which you can see on the feature image. Some of the highlights, which will help in building my persona.

Is there anything missing from your coffee experience?

  • An app to place an order for collection
  • Payment options in coffee shops are always a bit hit-and-miss. Nothing worse than getting to the top of a queue and finding out they don’t take cards!
  • Couches… there are no couches in Cork to relax and read on
  • “My choice of coffee shop depends on the following two things:
    •The quality of the coffee
    •If you can fit a buggy
  • Coffee shops locally which stay open late (they all close at 5:30 – why?!)
  • The kind of coffee, I would like to know the kind of coffee because some of them are too acid to me
  • The ability to get good quality coffee at work that isn’t a Nespresso pod or self brewed!

Oh and my favorite

  • Independent cafes are small and full of ponces. Chain cafes are large, spacious and soulless. I’d like to find a cafe where Mac users fear to tread.