The Team is Live!

So, our first two days on the Fundamentals of UX Design course are now complete. What are great group of people in the room! Such a variety in backgrounds and stories to tell, I feel like Im learning both from Andrew and Sue (our course providers at IADT), and my peers in the class.

Highlights for me were when we were tasked with designing an app for shopping list, and normally I would start thinking about features, what it did etc.. But I was missing a core first step – the users and how it feels.. We were given paper templates with phone screens, and started to draw based on what users would want features as opposed to ourselves personally. That was a huge learning for me.

Big one for day two was the concept of building surveys online with google forms (never thought it was soon easy), and getting the questions right to ask.. Whilst I have done on site ethnography studies before with solutions, and did some cool processes tying the data from the solution to on site observation, changing the questions to maximise learnings as we went through the trial, it doesn’t really scale as it was largely a pen and paper approach, with such a small set of users.. It also doesn’t work when doing global trials, which is one we are embarking on very soon. My approaches to user research thus far in my career have been limited to google searching and stitching things together. Whilst I say to myself “well done for at least acknowledging the users”, Im really glad that I decided to get a more solid scientific basis.

Im not saying Ill end up as a 40 hours a week UX rockstar, but in my line of work, with the Innovation Garage working on projects that need to get into the customers hands as soon as possible to understand the market demand, and working on all the technical aspects to deliver that, UX was the skill set I was most lacking.

As the two days drew to a close, we were split into teams for our project. Im delighted that Im teamed up with Jacinta Moore, my colleague from Johnson Controls. It does make it a little easier in relation to meeting up etc, but that is bottom of the list in relation to why Im looking forward to working together. Whilst Jacinta works on a different team to me (Jacinta is UX Team Manager), she is a top person and has such a strong background and experience in software and UI development, so our skills will compliment well, and Ill learn a lot from her. Over many coffees, I have always enjoyed hearing Jacinta’s perspective on life and technology, so we should have a blast teaming up!

So stay tuned for the next blog on problem identification. Jacinta and I have already done some initial brainstorming, which you will see soon!







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