Problem Identification 1

Normally when at the ideation phase – doing individual brainstorming has pro’s and con’s, and even on our slack channel, Jacinta and I have started to think about potential ideas.

Looking at the project specification outlined by IADT, the problem must be complex enough to need redesign, but no overly so to be outside of the scope of what we are trying to do. Instead of looking at a whole host of areas, I decided to focus my thoughts around areas that I am close to, and get exposed to a lot. A few days after the two days was over, I was sitting in hook n ladder coffee house in Castletroy, Limerick, and I observed the coffee house to see lots of different users – professionals who were networking, professionals who were getting in and out quickly, mums who seemed to be catching up, and also school and college goers. I thought to myself, I wonder are all there needs being met? There is no denying, I know that Hook n Ladder has amazing coffee, but does everyone? Does everyone know it also does food, offers take out coffee, and has a reward scheme? I then questioned to myself, does the store have an idea of the demographic of its users? Does it have a student rate coffee?

On another occasion, I was in bookshop coffee shop in Cork City, and I was surprised by the delay in getting my coffee – we were in a rush so I wasn’t best pleased..!

I started to think that the problem does exist on coffee choice in ones area – where the good places are, if I am a student, which one is cheapest, fastest for takeaway for professionals? There is so much choice these days!

Then via slack, I suggested the initial concept to Jacinta, and she rightly named it Trip Advisor for Coffee houses. “I really like that idea, everyone has an opinion on coffee from coffee haters to coffee snobs.¬†Tripadvisor for coffee or coffee shops or both.” I loved the idea of being able to rate it for any particular service type, and to make it really specific to coffee not restaurants or hotels on trip advisor..

So our idea is that, and it is a similar concept for different types of users, and coffee is something that is becoming more niche and important in peoples lives. We also thought that given where we are and the people even in our building, we would have access to loads of users to survey.

Now before we start looking for ways to solve this problem – we must propose it to Andrew and Sue for approval!




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